How CarTrip Works

Step 1

Find a Ride/Offer a Ride

Find a Ride with a Trusted and Reviewed Driver or Offer a Ride to a Passenger.

Step 2

Message the Driver

Once you are happy with the ride you would have to Login or Register before being able to message the driver.

Step 3

Book A Ride

Once you and the driver are happy with the logistics you can go ahead and book the ride.

Step 4


You pay for the ride via CarTrip and we will pay the driver.

Step 5

Review Driver

Once you're done with the ride you can review the driver.

For Drivers

Post your upcoming rides, earn extra money
and even make a friend along the way.

  • Post Ride
  • Set Preferences
  • Approved Passengers
  • Get Paid Safely
Post a ride

For Passengers

Find your route, choose your driver, book your ride and then
travel in comfort to your destination.

  • Choose your route
  • Save Money
  • Travel Safely
  • No-Hassle Payments
Find a ride

Event Categories

Communal transportation for music festivals, sporting events, conferences, and more. You create an event ridesharing page for free.
Drivers post their rides to your event. Passengers can see rides, message drivers, and book online.


Mountain bike & Road


Trails, Fun runs & Marathons

Sport Events

Rugby, Soccer, Golf, Motor Sport, Cricket etc.


Events running over more than 1 day


Annual-,Christmas-, community-, craft Markets & more


Big Concerts and More