How It Works For The Passenger

Step 1

Find An Event

Find your Event from the dropdown menus. If your event is not listed then create your own event, it's easy.

Step 2

Find a Driver close to you that’s going.

Find a Ride to the Event with a Trusted and Reviewed Driver or Offer a Ride to a Passenger.

Step 3

Message the Driver to make arrangements.

Once you are happy with the ride you can message the driver to ask any questions.

Step 4

Book and Pay for ride

After you and the driver have agreed on all the arrangements you can Book and Pay for the ride via CarTrip and we will pay the driver.

Step 5

Review Driver.

After you have completed your ride you can review the driver.

Add your Event

Set up ridesharing for your event, completely for free. Complete the fields below, your event will only be displayed once approved. PLEASE LOGIN OR REGISTER TO ADD YOUR EVENT.