How Does CarTrip Work?

How Does CarTrip Work?

Passengers - Do you need a lift somewhere?
It's easy: 

1) Just enter your departure and arrival points and your travel date and time.
2) Then choose a driver to travel with - You can check out the trusted profiles of all our drivers, with photo, mini bio and ratings left by other members. If you need more info about the trip, ask the driver a question by sending a secure email.
3) Once that's done, you can book and pay for your seat online. You’ll then receive a booking code with all the driver contact details. Your driver will be immediately notified of your booking together with your contact details. If for any reason, your driver cancels, you’ll get a full refund.
4) Travel together - Be at your planned meeting point on time and remember to leave a rating for your driver after the ride, it means they’re more likely to leave one for you!
5) And ladies can travel with ladies only if they like!

Car Owners - Do you have empty seats in your Car?
The process is very simple:

1) Just post your ride if you are driving somewhere. Enter your pickup and dropoff points, choose the date and time and select your price per passenger. Set your preferences(eg. No Smoking, no pets etc) and give specific pickup and dropoff points, such as a street, station or well-known landmark. It'll help you get more bookings!
2) Your passengers will then book a seat in your car and pay online and you’ll be automatically notified by email. You’ll also get your passenger's phone number and email address to arrange the final details.
3) Travel together - Be at your planned meeting point on time. Add a photo of your car to your profile: it'll help your passengers find you at the pickup point. Remember to leave a rating for your passenger after the ride, it means they’re more likely to leave one for you!
4) On the 10th and the 25th of each month your funds will be winging their way into your bank account.

Verified profiles with member ratings create a trustworthy community. Car owners get paid on time and Co-travellers feel safe and secure travelling with a person who is verified and has ratings & reviews provided by other members in the past. Ladies can even travel with ladies only!